Do you have assets in Spain? Before to make a will you should know… European Succession Regulation comes into effect

  Important news about the international succession: The situation of the inheritance of a foreigner in Spain is going to change substantially from august 2015, with the new European Regulation 650/2012. That new set of rules will make it easier to solve succession matters that may arise from the inheritance procedures of those foreigners living[…]

If your mortgage contains ‘ground clauses’ you should know… The Government of Spain and bank institutions agree the end of Ground clauses

The Government of Spain and bank institutions have reached an agreement to finish with ground clauses. These clauses are the minimum interest set in mortgage contracts which prevents the mortgaged pay less when the EURIBOR is maintained at low levels. This decision is caused by the pressure of a popular lawsuit against 101 banks. From[…]

The right to be forgotten: What if my name appears in the news? Supreme Court rules for the first time on the right to be forgotten

The Supreme Court has decided for the first time on the right to be forgotten on Internet in its judgment of 15 October 2015, No. 4132/2015. The Court rejects the petition to modify old news of a newspaper to delete data about people which are being reported. However, the pronouncement says that newspapers should employ[…]

EU and Liechtenstein sign deal on automatic exchange of tax data

The European Union and Liechtenstein have signed an agreement on the automatic exchange of financial account information in order to improve international tax compliance. The deal complies with the global standard for the automatic exchange of information OECD. The agreement was signed by the minister of the European Council, Pierre Gramegna, and by Aurelia Frick,[…]

Transport: truck driver has to take responsibility of a theft of goods for not watching Supreme Court’s interpretation on the liability of carriers in the International Transport Convention

Supreme Court has ruled the liability of the carrier in the terms of articles 19, 17.2 and 23 of the Convention on May 19 of 1956 concerning about the contract for International Carriage by road (CMR). In the initial civil lawsuit, the insurance company claimed the responsibility of the last charge carrier who intervened in[…]