The right to be forgotten: What if my name appears in the news? Supreme Court rules for the first time on the right to be forgotten

The Supreme Court has decided for the first time on the right to be forgotten on Internet in its judgment of 15 October 2015, No. 4132/2015. The Court rejects the petition to modify old news of a newspaper to delete data about people which are being reported. However, the pronouncement says that newspapers should employ technological measures to prevent that some information could be found through internet search engines as Google or Yahoo.

The lawsuit was about the petition to remove from a news article made in 1985 about arrest for drug trafficking data of those implicated. They found the news after typing their names on a search engine.

This is the first time Supreme Court pronounces on collision of the right to be forgotten and honour and personal privacy rights of people without public relevance or historic interest.

The Court rejected that newspapers have to remove in their news contained because those news were correctly published. For the Supreme Court the right to be forgotten «does not protect to build a new past» nor justifies that «those who are exposing themselves publicly may require building a curriculum by eliminating the negative information in Internet».

Despite of the freedom of speech of the newspaper companies, Supreme Court considers they should also improve their technical measures to not reveal personal data in Internet search engines.

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