European Union passes Package Travel Directive

EU Parliament and EU Council reached an agreement on new rules about the EU Package Travel Directive (PTD) that will extend protection of the 1990 EU Package Travel Directive 90/314/CEE and 2011/83/UE. Member States will have two years to implement the new rules. Traders will have a further period of six months to adapt to the new rules.

The main objective of these rules is to adapt and protect package holidays with the digital age. New rules are meant to extend the protection to cover not only traditional package holidays, but also to reinforce rights of consumers.

PTD rules will protect pre-arranged packages made by tour operators, customised packages created by customer and linked travel arranges. Linked travel arranges means that if the consumer after booking a tour operator package, is invited to book another service from another tour operator within 24 hours, the second booking will be also protected by the PTD.

The rules will improve costumer rights too. Travellers will clearly know what they are buying and what their rights are. Traders will have to provide clear information about the packaged, price and rights before to contract their services. Also they will identify the liable party, who has to deal with the problem if something goes wrong.

PTD provides stronger cancellation rights like a free cancellation before departure in case of natural disasters or war, but also if the trader increases the final price more than 8%.

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