Why HV Lawyers?

In HV Lawyers we know that a respectful, discreet and close relationship with our customers is the key to understand their concerns and the best defence of their interests.

In HV Lawyers we firmly believe that a serious and professional approach to the situation or legal dispute is not just the only way for the complete satisfaction of our clients, also an integral part of our philosophy as lawyers and as people.

In HV Lawyers we wish to provide the best legal services available without ever ceasing to be competitive in our rates. We do not apply our prices depending on our clients’ purchasing power, or the usual legal practice in your locality or region. Instead, we analyse each case individually, only taking into account the elements involved in it along with its technical complexity and time of actual work that our professionals invest in representing your interests.

We are aware that in a changing society like ours, the solutions our customers want may not always be the same. However, in our firm believe that even immersed in a constantly changing reality, the trust of our customers is and will always be our main objective. Our motto is “always work with the client and in defence of his interest.”
In HV Lawyers we give back the trust our customers place in our company with three principles that order each and every one of our actions on behalf of their best interest:

EFFECTIVENESS: All our work would be in vain if we did not achieve positive results. Importantly, we stress that it does not mean that faced with any legal dispute our customers are going to see all their claims fulfilled. It means that faced with legal dispute we offer our customers the best existing possibilities of success along with a detailed and realistic advice of situation in which they find themselves.

LOYALTY: Our customers must feel like they are in good hands with us for the effort we put into providing the best service possible, but also for our personal commitment to their word and the safeguarding of their privacy.

TRANSPARENCY: We wish that both the nature of our activities and our way of working, and its ultimate consequences are known to our clients. Before start working on any issue, we hand in a closed budget based on the actual work to be developed by the lawyer or lawyers. In this way, our customers can be sure that the whole job has been done for them, reaching their expectations and ours. For us, the concept of an unhappy customer does not exist. In our scope, The Law, there are only two types of customers: those who know their situation and possible solutions to their problems, and those that have not consulted us yet.