Online Lawyer


HV Lawyers offers online video consultations as an added convenience for our clients.

Scheduling a Skype consultation is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Step 1:

To schedule your video consultation, simply contact us by phone, email or via Skype. Let our scheduling representative know you are interested in an appointment via Skype.

All you need to get started with Skype is an Internet connection, camera and a microphone/speaker on your computer (opening a Skype account is free).

Step 2:

Before making the consultation or right after sending us your first message, you must make the payment of our minimun fees, and a experimented professional will take charge and help you through the process. The price of this service is 100€ (or equivalent in dollars).
You can pay thourgh the safe payment software Paypal, and with your credit card. Click on the butten under the message «comprar ahora» («buy now»). The instructions for the payment are both easy and safe. One of our professionals will contact you inmediatly or, if that is impossible at that very moment, as soon as possible in case is out of our office hours.