Among others, HERMOSILLA VAQUERO Lawyers offer the following services:

Administrative and community:

Comprehensive advice to municipalities and other local entities, both in an administrative and contentious way.
Advice to companies and individuals in their relations with the Administration: planning permission, activity, expropriation, management responsibility, both at administrative and jurisdictional phase.
Administrative Contracting

Civil and criminal liability:

Vehicular traffic / accidents
Professionals: doctors, builders, architects.
Defective products
Business related to accidents at work

Litigation and arbitration:

Advice for already initiated processes
Defense in processes – via court
Performances before arbitration courts of all levels and areas
International arbitration

Real estate law, urban planning and leasing:

Drafting of contracts
Negotiations, advice on matters of legalization of works

Commercial and business:

Drawing up all types of contracts: Services, Agency, Distribution, Franchise, etc., and defense of disputes arising out of these before the courts
Interventions in Mergers and Acquisitions of the company
Interventions in matters like the transfer of assets and business branches
Banking Law, credit agencies counseling in the particular trade-related operations


Specialized legal advice in cases of separation, divorce or marriage annulment, partners, liquidation of conjugal societies or any other regime that had governed the marriage or couple legal advice.
Drafting covenants, disabilities and adoptions.
Intervention in judicial proceedings related to the matter, including:
All mentioned above
Declaration of incapacity, appointment of guardian, conservator or guardian ad litem
Emancipation of minors
Claims in respect of pension or maintenance claim

Inheritance and estate:

Present or future organization of the customer’s assets
Advice on the capacity and limits on the allocation of goods in the will.
Drafting wills and advice for better orientation thereof to adapt to the financial and personal position of the client.
In the courts, contesting a will, division of inheritance, etc.


Counsel to litigation before the courts and procedures in the Administrative Labor Authority
Senior Management contracts
Legal status of appointment, suspension and termination of employment contracts
Groups, employer strike and lockout conflicts

Immigration Department:

Resources refusal to renew a residence and work.
Advice on acquisition of nationality and residence permit.
Resources expulsion.
Recourse to an expulsion letter.
We request residence for social, work and family roots.
Administrative appeal.
Recourse to the contentious court.
Legal advice from the lawyer in the Airport of Barajas.
Advice on mixed marriages (Spanish and foreign) or weddings between foreigners held in Spain.
Dissolution of the matrimonial regime between mixed or foreigner couples.